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Domino Development - Back to Basics - Overview

XPages development uses well established standards: JSF, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, JSON, HTTP and XML.
However it is different from other web development environments:
  • It is highly integrated. database, application and web tier come in one dense package. If your server is up Domino is good to go (no JDBC database timeout)
  • The native database is NoSQL (actually the mother-of-all-noSQL), a document oriented store
  • It is designed for distributed, partially connected operation
  • Code can run on a server or on a client
  • Domino provides build in directory and messaging capabilities
  • It provides a hierarchical, declarative security model
To ease new developers into "how Notes is different" I will publish a series of articles, that focus on the big picture. They will make it easier to avoid " coding against the grain" and to appreciate the power of Domino. The plan so far:
  1. The NSF
  2. Forms and Documents
  3. Not all Documents are created equally
  4. Domino views are different
  5. Finding data - Collections and Search
  6. Better save than sorry - Security
  7. Map Reduce Domino Style
Stay tuned

Posted by on 22 December 2013 | Comments (1) | categories: IBM Notes XPages


  1. posted by Piet De Gooyer on Friday 03 January 2014 AD:
    I wonder which server tasks are important to understand for developers and in which way.

    Maybe you can spend a topic on this subject?