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Foundation of Software Development

When you learn cooking, there are a few basic skills that need to be in place before you can get started: cutting, measuring, stiring and understanding of temperature's impact on food items. These skills are independent from what you want to cook: western, Chinese, Indian, Korean or Space Food.
The same applies to software development. Interestingly we try to delegate these skills to ui designers, architects, project managers analyst or infrastructure owners. To be a good developer, you don't need to excel in all of those skills, but at least develop a sound understanding of the problem domain. There are a few resources that I consider absolute essential: All these resources are pretty independent from what language, mechanism or platform you actually use, so they provide value to anyone in the field of software development.
As usual YMMV

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  1. posted by don on Saturday 13 September 2014 AD:
    nice blog, thanks!