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LifeBEAM helmet first impressions

After quite a wait (they were sold out) my LifeBEAM helmet arrived today. The helmet is based on a Lazer design. Here are my unpacking impressions:
A big black box
There are no experiments on the box. Black always has been the new black.It isn't cheapo cardbox, but solid quality. An impression that repeats in the whole unpacking process.
An alien egg
Opening the box shows the cool carbon casing, that looks like an alien egg
the alien egg on the table
Besides the hard shell casing a nylon bag is provided that folds small, so you can keep the helmet wherever you arrive
The helmet in the cover
Front view of the helmet
View from below
The interior shows the Lazer heritage clearly. Given the quality, that's a good sign
The sensor
The "heart" of the helmet. The sensor sits in the front part, pointing at your forehead. I'll report how well it works
Back view
The rear shows the red light for night visibility and the cover of the USB charger port
Charging cable put in
The box contains detailed instructions and the USB cable. The carbon carrier has a small net compartment to keep that cable. Last not least: you get a little Cylon animation while the helmet is charging:

All in all: looks very solid. Stay tuned for the report on sensor and battery life.

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  1. posted by Nick Halliwell on Thursday 06 November 2014 AD:
    You are truly a geek.