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By Date: August 2003

Ban The Reports!

I do a lot of requirement analysis and software specifications. It is exiting work because you never know what you will get in the end. Researching what is needed includes contextual enquiries, workplace artifacts, paper prototypes, focus group, competitor analysis etc. Since no system is an island any more users have certain expectations. One of it I find very funny/irritating/stupid/brainwashed/unreflected/conditioned*(*make your pick): "We want reports".  I usually tell users  in the new system: " Reports are forbidden!" After the panic attack settles I explain why. Don't get me wrong: Software that creates reports is not forbidden. I even made them part of my standard solution building blocks (I like Crystal Reports, it's siblings, Intelliprint (for Notes), PDFPump and ShowBusiness Cuber ). However I stand firm: Ban the Reports!

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Outsourcing IT jobs.

There a big concerns about IT jobs leaving the US and heading to other countries, Luckily the worries can be buried. We in Asia can't beat the prices this US company can offer, also the don't have human working conditions.

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Weight Scale Update...

I asked my pals at the gym and found John Berardi's website. Once I digged though all the muscle talk, I found some valuable insights about nutrition. With this information and the help of Almased I prodly announce: 5kg are down. (6 to go)

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