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BDD403 - Integrating IBM Workplace forms with ... the rest of the pack

IBM last year acquired Pureedge, and their xForms application. It now is called IBM Workplace forms. Being build on an open standard workplace forms looks like Domino on steroids. On steroids not so much in terms of programmability, but in terms of data structure. Workplace forms have XML schemata as their data model and thus support hierarchical structured data. Data that would require multiple parent child relations when build in a RDBMS.
What is so special about that: Using xForms and open schemata (like UBL -- see previous ports) you can build form processes that transient your corporate boundaries. Using XML Signature and Encryption a business document can travel between all parties involved with the relevant sections being protected against alteration. This is a clear departure from the redundancy free mental model towards a process and document centric view of business processes. To add to the confusion: Workplace Forms and Workplace Designer seem to have some overlap. The biggest differentiator: Workplace Forms don't require Workplace to run, so they can "travel".

What I liked:
It's great to see IBM embracing forms based on W3C's open standards

What I didn't like:
The integration scenario with Domino was kind of blurry and there seems some internal competition between Workplace and Workplace forms  

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