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Hotels in Singapore

When you stay in Singapore, both as a resident or a visitor hotels are an integrated part of daily live. While it is obvious for visitors, it is also true for residents. A lot of training and sales events happen there. Also it is quite common to meet in a hotel lobby or the restaurant for a business meeting. My weekly meeting of my Rotary club is in a hotel (the Regent) too. Hotels also offer weekend deals for Singaporeans who want to escape the life in their HDB flat for a while. Have you ever booked a room for yourself in the city you live? So it is no surprise, that we have a lot of them. The bigger chains (Marriott, Hilton etc.) are world class and not really local - you could easily take the building and put it into any other city without noticing it. Our local flagship is the Raffles Hotel. This is a truly local one with a very authentic colonial building. In its long bar the famous Singapore Sling was invented (only 2 get served per person, since you are supposed to still walk by yourself). Unfortunately also the prices are world class too and you can spend USD 2000 or more a night for the best suites in the house. If that is a little above your budget but you would like to stay in an authentic place you can look for boutique hotels. My favourite is Perak Hotel in the middle of Little India and close to the city core. Their rates start as US 55++ and you have a very private atmosphere. The Hotel has been converted from an old shop house, so you stay will be as authentic as it can get here. So when you stop by here, give them a try (unless you want to stay on our guest mattress to experience a HDB sleep over <vbg>).
Did I mention, that their booking page is powered by Domino? <g>.

Posted by on 07 January 2006 | Comments (2) | categories: Singapore


  1. posted by Brian Benz on Tuesday 10 January 2006 AD:
    Many moons ago I stayed at Johnny's Guest House in Pearl City. In those days it was $3 for a bunk bed in a room, or $1 to sleep on the (covered) roof with the mynah birds....I enjoyed it at the time, but I'd probably stay somewhere else these days....
  2. posted by Dave Harris on Thursday 12 January 2006 AD:
    I don't recall a 2 sling limit a the Raffles. That might have accounted for the sore head the next day