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New Years Resolutions

I'm not a person of big plans, so I usually resent making New Years Resolutions. However it seems to me I could try to be "a man with a plan" for a change. So this is what I came up with:  
  • Shield my boys from the rigor of our education system by reaffirming the notion, that learning is fun and an adventure.  
  • Going on a Holiday (hadn't had one since I started TAO Consulting) with the family.  
  • A dance class with the best of my wifes (Don't tell her it is a surprise)  
  • Shedding some pounds and do more sport (getting below 88 kg)
  • Restart my Chinese lessons  
  • Get my PMP certification from PMI  
  • Learn a new language (Ruby and Fabric are the main contenders)  
  • Restart the Lotus User Community in Singapore  
  • Work on some exiting and well paid projects
  • Have at least one release each of my SourceForge projects

... and thousand things more.  

Posted by on 02 January 2006 | Comments (3) | categories: After hours


  1. posted by jonvon on Wednesday 04 January 2006 AD:
    great post stephan!

    we are homeschooling for just the reason you mention above. learning should be an adventure!
  2. posted by Dave Harris on Friday 06 January 2006 AD:
    Happy New Year

    Would be very interested if you started a NUG for the whole peninsula.


  3. posted by Cyrus Crypt on Saturday 07 January 2006 AD:
    Great start for the new year, Stephen! Hope you continue to make resolutions and fulfilling them. Emoticon cheesy.gif