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Lotusphere 2006 - Wrap-up, Eat Your Own Dog Food and People

What a show it was. Yellow is the new black! While the announcement around Notes and Domino show a bright future for the product, I was mostly exited about the Workplace Managed Client offerings. And again: Please IBM give it a catchier name, Workplace Desktop as example. While other platforms seem not to be used to create the core products of that company, IBM is eating their own dog food. They base their development tools on RCP, Sametime 7.5 is an RCP application, the productivity tools are, Lotus Notes Hanover and the Workplace Managed Client. Very impressive. Time to get moving.

Nevertheless: the best of show were the people. Great on stage, great in the breaks, great to talk and party with. I finally was able to put real people behind the conversations and Blogs I follow and participate for a while. In no particular order:

Jack Dausman, Rob Novak, Rob Wunderlich, Bruce Elgort, Volker Weber, Richard Schwarz,   Ray Bilky, Libby the Notesgirl, Julian Robichaux, Alan Bell, Rocky Oliver, Declan Lynch, Ben Langhinrichs, The Turtle, Christopher Byrne, Joe Litton, the Penumbra Group members, David Ferris, Bill Buchan, Thomas Duff, Chris Miller, Carl Tyler, Ed Brill, Paul Mooney, Surjit Chana  and apologies to all I missed out in this little list.  

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  1. posted by Rob Wunderlich on Friday 10 March 2006 AD:

    It was great to finally meet you, also. Best wishes (and thanks for the plug).

    - Rob