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On dates, time and time zones

Lotus Notes calendaring is fully aware of time zones. It allows to enter and view appointments in different time zones. So it seems to be the solution for a small planet. If there weren't users like me . I'm juggling time zones every day - for remote and online activities: phone calls, sametimes, instant messages and skype. However for physical events I switch back to "no time zone mode". So it is "We meet online 1pm your time/8pm my time" and "We meet 7pm at the gym".
When I was planning my Lotusphere attendance I was in "no time zone mode", since it is obvious WHERE the sessions will be (at least from a time zone perspective). When I switched my gadgets (Laptop, PDA) to Orlando time, I had some "Session is starting" wake-up call pretty much 11h 10min instead of 10min before. So obvious from a users (that's me) perspective, there is a time, that is neutral to the time zone. E.g. lunch is at 2pm, whatever time zone that might be. Would a check box "Don't change time on time-zone change" in the calendar help? I'm not so sure, since calendaring is already complex enough. What a petty, that Swatch beat never took off (At least they could fix their unusable design).

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