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BOF101 - IBM Lotus Domino as a File System -- SourceForge/OpenNTF as Lotus Domino WebDAV

It was my turn. The Sandpiper room in the Swan hotel 5:45pm - I was nervous like an actor before his very first curtain. I arrived 5:20 and already 20 people were waiting to hear what I had to say. At 5:30 we were 30+ so I started the session. Since the BoF rooms didn't provide audio visual equipment I didn't bore the attendees with yet another powerpoint. I used the flip chart and my favourite very fat markers. First I walked them thought the rational of what we tried to achieve:
a) Provide round-trip editing capabilities for web based attachments
b) Let file oriented workers see Notes documents (not just attachments) through the file system
c) Provide report capabilities against Notes documents and views
After that I explained the extensions webDAV incorporates compared to standard http and what you are in for when you want to mix browser access and webDAV. (In short: unless you use our webdav:// protocol you are in for a lot of support calls since users tend to mix up click - for opening read only and right click/open with for read write operation.
It seems that the webdavhelper tool was of some interest too.
All in all I was quite happy about the turnout and the interactivity of the session. So goal for next year: upgrade myself from BoF to full session.
In case you have no idea what I'm talking about in this post: head over to SourceForge and check it out.

What I liked:
Good questions from the audience and a nice confirmation, that we do something interesting.

What I didn't like:
Domino WebDAV is not as finished as I wish, so there is a lot of work to catch up.  

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  1. posted by jack dausman on Thursday 02 February 2006 AD:
    Very cool. Yes, I hope it becomes full session for next year. You'd have my vote.
  2. posted by Kim van den Berg on Monday 05 December 2011 AD:
    Sincs 2010 there is a new WebDAV solution to file share Quickr attachments: Quickr iPad from Lialis: { Link }
    Upload, download and or synchronize files directly to your iPad, iPhone or any other mobile device or tablet pc, without installing connector software, just use the WebDAV protocol.

    In 2011 a new solution is released: Lotus WebDAV, to share files in Lotus Domino databases:
    { Link }

    In 2012 Connections iPad will be released: { Link }

    Note: each solution can be easily tested while the software is free for one user!