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By Date: February 2008

Reply-To-All Redux

From the "Your-Notes-client-is-different-department".

When replying to an email Notes does some address shuffling for you. As long as you have one sender and one recipient, it is quite logical. The original sender become the recipient, the recipient becomes the sender. Everybody in the cc list stays in the cc list.
Incoming eMail to Send eMail

However that doesn't work anymore when you had more than one recipient in the To field. The general rule (as I once understood it) for when to place in To and when to place in CC is:
- To: This is an actionable item for the receipient
- CC: for information only. (In this days it is more like a "Just in Case Copy)

So what should your email system do, when there is more than one person in the TO list?

a) Presume that your reply to the original sender is actionable for the other recipients too?
b) Presume that your reply to the original sender is for information only for the other recipients?

Notes uses presumption b) while other email systems use presumption a). So you go from:

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Climate Change and the rule of reason

Interesting chain of arguments. I don't buy that batteling the global climate change will lead to depression, rather the opposite: I see advances in technology and accellerated growth in developed nations since less resources are needed to achive something. Have a look and see if you can find a flaw.

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