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Help needed: copy Eclipse IResource from/to files using ANT

In Eclipse 3.0 one big change was the transition from a physical file system to a virtual file system. Instead of Java File Eclipse is using IResource to access file systems. Of course using files still works. As far as I know the Eclipse ANT task is working on files not on IResources. I'm looking for a way to use Ant to copy from IResource to File and back. Could be a custom ANT task. If someone wants to write it (and contribute it back to the ANT contrib project) I'm willing to make a donation <g>. Ideally it would use the same syntax as the ANT copy task.
Update: It is done, not in a generic way but suitable for Domino Designer. One can download the Import/Export Plug-in for Domino Designer from OpenNTF. The plug-in has an ANT interface.

Posted by on 20 May 2009 | Comments (0) | categories: Software


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