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Any opinions about "The Daily Reviewer"?

On my last entry I got a comment, that your blog has been selected for the exclusive list of 100 IBM blogs. While I like flattery, it at the same time makes me suspicious. After all there are way more than 100 IBM blogs. They obviously did some homework, since on my page there was an ad suggesting to loose stomach fat, a topic I'm struggling with <g> The badge they suggest to display on my blog seems harmless enough (flat image link, no JavaScript goodies. Anybody encountered them? What are they up to?
Top ibm blogs award

Posted by on 29 August 2009 | Comments (3) | categories: Business


  1. posted by Jonathan Wong on Sunday 30 August 2009 AD:
    They are just trying to make money off of advertising by leveraging other people's content and egos all over the web.

    It really depends whether you want to feed back into their ecosystem or not. :)
  2. posted by Graham Dodge on Monday 31 August 2009 AD:
    By accepting their award you are saying that their award is worth accepting... so you are endorsing their product. That's OK if you think it is worth something.

    BTW I'll bet that when they do next month's list of 100 Top Blogs they don't ask you to give up your award, so over time they'll wind up with their logo pasted over a few hundred (thousand?) blogs and have set themselves up as the final arbiter of good blogging.

    My recommendation? Delete message then add sender to SPAM filter.
  3. posted by Bob Balfe on Monday 31 August 2009 AD:
    I got the exact same thing and when I checked out their site I had the same suspicions. Their site seemed kind of cheezy and I could not get the "full top 100 list" of IBM blogs so I did not accept the prestigious award. :)