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Netgear Support Hell - Part 2

Matthew 6:3 states " do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing " and Netgear's support seems to have incorporated that. They only confuse " But when you give to the needy" with " But when you organise your customer care". While Chirpa from the ReadyNAS forum tries to help and confirms 5 years of warranty, other parts of Netgear think differently. I got a reply from Netgear this evening (to be fair: they sent it before lunch, but I was in the air then) stating that all information given by helpdesk is wrong: the companies stated as distributors are no longer distributing Netgear and the warranty supposedly is expired already (interesting fact: 5 years ago there was no ReadyNAS NV+). The online registration website of Netgear clearly states 17 Dec 2012 as expiration date of the unit
Netgear confirms 5 years of support
(And they can't type my name. How hard is copy and paste?). So we struggle on a little bit. Stay tuned.
Update: Salvation

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