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New Desk for my Study

With the help of Richard and Tony I found out, that the material I'm looking for is called hardwood plywood (the image shows 10 layers). Now I had to design the table. This is what I came up with (using Google SketchUp:
Design Study for Study table
I'd like to keep things simple, so the plywood sheets would be just waxed or clear painted and wall mounted using metal triangles (you can see one sticking out on the left). The sheets would have a nice finish at the edges like the picture below.
Plywood furniture quality

Now I need to find a carpenter who can do that. My kitchen guy unfortunately doesn't have the quality of wood I'm looking for (other than that: he did a real good job in our kitchen).
Update: As Nick suggested - Rubber Wood would work too!
Rubber wood seems to be more popular here
Update: It seems rubber wood is used for kitchen table tops and only comes up to 65cm wide. I would consider rearranging the layout to have a 10cm stripe of something else at the back (maybe a stripe of perforated sheet or ?). When you look at the edges of the wood, you can see, that the edges are not 90 degree, but rounded. Makes it more pleasant when resting one's arm on them. There are three potential forms which are listedt in the sequence of my preference:
Having are more professional edge for a desk

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  1. posted by Nick Halliwell on Wednesday 30 September 2009 AD:

    Have you thought about rubber wood. In Thailand its easily available and produces a really nice finish. Its laminated the other way ie in strips rather than layers. But still stronger than plain wood.

    I have made a few things out of it and its really nice especially when varnished.

    Do it your self. Don't need a man, Go buy a cheep electric circular saw, you can get Chinese branded ones for a few hundred Baht. Also buy an electric Finish Sander, here is an example: { Link }

    So long as you have a few hand tools then its easy.

    The electric tools just make it quicker.

    Happy to give any advice that you need.
  2. posted by Bil on Wednesday 30 September 2009 AD:
    Ikea has those bits. This is exactly how I built my desk...

    ---* Bill