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The Lotusphere 2011 sessions are published - and what to expect from me

The Lotusphere 2011 Session list has been published on the Lotusphere 2011 web site. Since my sessions in 2010 had been popular (thanks to Tim and Steve) I'll be back with 3 sessions:
  1. SHOW107: The DataSource Session: Take XPages data boldly where no XPages data has been taken before - with Jim Quill
    XPages out of the box ships with 2 Domino data sources. Other data could be read using Java libraries leaving them with all complexities around security, connections and state management. Using the XPages data source component model this complexity can be reduced to simple attribute selections. The session will introduce the details of the data source component model and show how to use it to connect to RDBMS, SOAP, REST, PureXML, CouchDB, oData and others. Leveraging the data source model enables automatic property support from Domino Designer and provides seamless integration with existing data bound XPages controls.
  2. AD103: Don't Be Afraid of Curly Brackets: JavaScript for IBM LotusScript Developers
    XPages uses JavaScript both on the server and the client side. The session offers an introduction to JavaScript for LotusScript developers. Focusing on server side JavaScript, this session highlights the similarities, differences and common pitfalls. Learn how to write JavaScript style, not just LotusScript in a JavaScript wrapper.
  3. AD107: Microsoft Sharepoint Meets IBM Lotus Domino: Development Deep Dive - with Justin Lee (aka triplez82 of hackerspace.sg fame) - That is Team Singapore!
    Lotus Notes and Microsoft Sharepoint aim for similar applications in the enterprise. This session will introduce Sharepoint concepts from a development point of view, compare them with Lotus Domino concepts and discuss integration points. Live code samples for using XPages to read and write from/to Sharepoint highlight the finer points of code integration. Finally, we'll discuss strategies to help stakeholders understand the process and benefits of migrating away from Sharepoint to the Lotus Domino collaborative application platform.
Presentation and demo creation is in full swing. If you have a special wish for the topics let me know now.
See you there.

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  1. posted by Patrick Picard on Wednesday 08 December 2010 AD:
    Even though i wont be attending..i really hope to get my hands the materials of SHOW107: The DataSource Session: Take XPages data boldly where no XPages data has been taken before