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By Date: June 2022

Case insensitive deserialization

Growing up in Windows with BASIC you learn case doesn't matter, so Color is the same as COLOR or cOLOR when it comes to variable names. Same applies to @Formula or item names in Notes documents.

On the other side, Linux, Java, JavaScript and JSON are very much case sensitive.

This poses a challenge when deserializing (handcrafted) JSON files.

The Task at hand

Deserialization of JSON into a Java class instance can be done using jackson. This is also what the JsonObject in vert.x uses when you call json.mapTo(SomeClass). Not using vert.x? You can use the ObjectMapper. Let's look at a sample Java class

import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonIgnoreProperties;
import com.fasterxml.jackson.annotation.JsonInclude;
import io.vertx.core.json.JsonObject;

@JsonIgnoreProperties(ignoreUnknown = true)
public class JsonTest {

  public static fromJson(final JsonObject source) {
    return source.mapTo(JsonTest.class);

  private String color;
  private String shape;
  private int answer;
  private boolean pretty;

  /* GETTERS and SETTERS omitted for brevity
     Let your IDE add them for you */

Now you want to deserialize a good JSON, which works as expected:

  "color": "Red",
  "shape": "round",
  "answer": 11,
  "pretty": true

but the very moment your JSON isn't following proper capitalization, like human provided JSON,

  "Color": "Red",
  "Shape": "square",
  "Answer": 42,
  "pretty": true,
  "ignore": "this"

deserialization will fail. We need to fix that.

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Dance the OAuth with me

OAuth and its cousin OIDC are the ubiquitous methods to gain identity and authorization information. Since it is a ménage à trois between a user, an Identity provider (IdP) and an application, refered to as "Service provider", it is hard to trouble shoot.

A play in five acts

In the recent Project KEEP we build an IdP into the API, so you have the choice of just using Domino or using an external IdP.

To ensure it works as expected several dependent HTTPS calls were needed. Each call would harvest some information into environment variables for the following step

Act 0 - initial setup

Store several variables into the environment:

  • UserName: the user you will simulate to approve
  • Password: their password
  • HOST: The starting URL for the first call
  • state: a random string, need to stay the same through the sequence
  • client_id: The application configured as service provider
  • client_secret: The service provider "password"
  • scope: the scope (or a subset) you have configured for the service provider
  • redirect_uri: one of the redirection URIs you have configured for the service provider

An OAuth flow contains basic authentication calls, so you need to ensure proper TLS connections.

OAuth Dance

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