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By Date: November 2003

A day at the Singapore Zoo.

Stephan and the Cat


We are "Friends of the Zoo". This program entitles you for a nominal fee to pay unlimited visits to the Singapore Zoo. Anthony's and Ernest's favourites are the monkeys and the fragile forrest. I like the crocodiles and the other reptiles, Ida enjoys lions, tigers and other predators.
If you are around the area plan TWO visits to the zoo: one at day and one at night. The two parts of the zoo do not overlap and give you a good impression where the jungle party is, once we are asleep. I like the jungle bridge in semi-darkness (a good place to tell scary stories to the kids).

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Talk on “How Prototyping Helps to Develop Better Quality Software”

Back on stage... On 12 Nov. I will present to the Singapore Computer Society on “How Prototyping Helps to Develop Better Quality Software”. If you happen to be in Singapore, join us. Details can be found on the SCS Website

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