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AD306 - Advanced Techniques with IBM Workplace Designer

After Sunday's introduction session into the Workplace Designer I got more curious, so AD306 won over AD219. IBM is pushing the JavaScript boundaries with Workplace Designer. JavaScript is both used on the client and the server to provide rich interaction. As mentioned before it falls short in terms of local (Ajax powered) interaction. However a quick glimse on 3.0 shows that that will be fixed then.
The JavaScript object model on the server is very rich. A context object provides JavaScript a wealth of information about the session, the user, the document and other context information. The presenters spend a good amount of time to explain where Workplace Designer is similar to the Domino Designer and where they differ. The learning curve for a Domino developer will be much smoother than going to J2EE.

What I liked:
Relative painless skill expansion for Domino developers (Lifelong learning anybody?)

What I didn't like:
Painful to build Ajax enabled applications, so a lot of page refreshes. I'm not sure if going all JavaScript is that great. The quality of the debugger will show

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