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BP303 - Big-Time Tips and Tricks for Your IBM Domino Web Applications: The Great Code Giveaway!

Rob and Victor from SNAPS demonstrated gold nuggets of tools to solve common problems. Their selection criteria:
- must solve a real problem
- must be usable in a different context than the original purpose
- must have been developed already
- must not be for sale

The first tool was a all Java Image resizing application done as a pure Java agent. Typical solutions require external tools and are platform dependent. The Java agent runs in R6++ and isn't dependent on anything else.

The second tool is a fix for the web native calendar views. Using CSS, XML and Ajax they fixed it with even the ability to show multiple calendars merged into one. The calendar takes care of timezones and pulls the time zone from the $preferences.nsf. All updates are done in memory, so no refresh is needed.

The third tool is a Sametime Bot, that changes its online status when new relevant content is added. So instead of bombarding you with an email or an instant message, the bot simply goes online. This is a very subtle way to notify a user of availability new content.

Before the forth tool was shown Rob teased it as the "Next level of Domino development". What they showed was nothing less than editable views for the web. A pretty complete solution for web views. Rob took us down to the memory lane how views evolved on the web up to today before he presented the final solution. They separated views data and presentation and added a drop in enhancement capabilities for any ordinary Domino developer. The functionality is incredible feature rich, so go check it out.

What I liked:
Real world code I can put to use. Pretty good walk through focusing on the real relevant pieces of code.

What I didn't like:
Can't think of anything here, other than I'd like to have more more more . Very cool session!

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  1. posted by Ulrich Krause on Wednesday 25 January 2006 AD:
    Sounds cool. Any chance to send me the first tool ?. Emoticon rolleyes.gif
  2. posted by Jack Dausman on Wednesday 01 February 2006 AD:
    Stephan, how come you haven't mentioned YOUR session on WebDAV? I'd be interested in your experience. I'm sorry my time was blocked out (meeting with an IBM/Lotus exec), but how did you feel the interest was over Domino and WebDAV?

    It was absolutely terrific running into you at LS. I'm looking forward to next year.
  3. posted by Glenn on Wednesday 22 November 2006 AD:
    timely post, where could i actually see the 2nd tools :)